Molecular Bed Reviews for Sale

This molecular bed is called “Feel Seating System” and it was designed by designer Animi Causa. The unique bed are consisting of over 120 balls covered in stretch fabric. When you are boring to its shape then you can arranged it to your liking because they can take variety of forms.

molecular bed for sale

In addition, you not only can use it for sleep or just bedding, but don’t you know that its also can be a comfortable seating! Just make it shaped like a sofa or a chair.

Dimension and Price

Having a large dimension with the size of the ball 220 X180 cm and the balls diameter 20 cm made of 100 percent foam, upholstery made of special Stretch Fabric and plastic connectors.

Molecular bed is designed so flexible so that it can fit in a single use, two or even with family. Tenderness ball material that will make you feel enjoy full for the sink and drift when leaned on it.

You can take it where you’d like to enjoy the atmosphere of the other outside or another rooms. Emotional motion of your body when sitting or lying down on this cool bed would be responded by the soft and gentle balls.

A Deluxe design is the work of notable architect working with interior designers and leading design magazines. Although the price offered is high at $ 7,950.00 but it is a masterpiece that deserved high value. There are also available wide choice of colors from blue, red and other colors. You can get this wonderful bed directly at Animi causa.

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