How to Change Your Bathroom with Yellow Decorating Ideas

Decorate bathroom using yellow color can give warmth and moreover, yellow is versatile color so don’t afraid to use it. This color is easy to integrate because many yellow bathroom decorating ideas, you are free to choose, start from modern and casual.

yellow bathroom decorating ideas

Because there are many ideas, you need to figure out what you want to try to present to bathroom and you need to balance it with other colors.

yellow bathroom decorating ideas

1. Change yellow to nautical theme is possible, but need good combination with other colors such as red and blue. Cover the wall using yellow and decorate the room with blue, white and red towels. Buy a window treatment with stripe pattern and decorate the floor with a shag rug, choose a color serves as a complement!

2. Country d├ęcor has distinct uniqueness and pleasing to eyes. You can combine yellow with other colors such as pumpkin orange, sage green, pale yellow, dusty red and cream.

yellow bathroom decorating ideas

Install a wood shelf on the wall to put toiletries such as soap, toothpaste or toothbrush. If you have shiny bathroom fixtures, replace it with a brushed metal.

yellow bathroom decorating ideas

3. Enjoy bathroom atmosphere like at an exotic island. Use bright colors to make flowers or birds in a tropical island. You can combine colors like bright blue, lemon yellow, rich red and orange. Use these colors in shower curtain, windows treatment and towels.

Those are three yellow bathroom decorating ideas can give striking change. Choose the one that interest you.

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