3 Decorating Tips for Small Bathroom

Not all houses and apartments have a bathroom with a spacious size, so don’t surprise if you get a small bathroom. However, there are many bathroom decorating ideas for small spaces can give striking change!

small bathroom decorating tips

If you still have some problems, read small bathroom decorating tips on this article!

1. Get rid of items that not belong for small bathroom. Keep toiletries neatly. Choose vertical storage to save space, you can buy a skinny shelf or keep using canvas storage and baskets.

small bathroom decorating tips

If you want to have a cabinet or drawer, choose small ones to open up more space, you are free to move doing bathroom activities.

2. Don’t place small bathroom with too many furniture and fixtures! You should use minimalism concept. However, there are many ways to turn a bathroom become beauteous and lovely, simply replace hardware on a cabinet or install a new faucet.

small bathroom decorating tips

Put skinny cabinet, cupboard or a floating shelf. So you can store toiletries and the room still looks neat.

small bathroom decorating tips

3. How to put accessories for bathroom? Yup, you can put accessories for bathroom during not make the space become cramped. Accessories must have function, not as decoration only. You should put trash cans, soap dishes, light fixtures, shower curtain or mirror.

To optimize space, don’t hesitate try to carry out small bathroom decorating tips.

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