3 Bathroom Tile Ideas to Adorn Small Space

There are advantages and disadvantages to have a small bathroom. Sometimes, it can seem cramped and claustrophobic because there are many decorations. Although cover the walls with light colors and put a mirror as a solution to bring illusion for bathroom, both of them seem less optimal.

bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms

Consider to decorate bathroom using tiles as can make a small room seem large but easy to clean. Choose proper tile can bring striking changes and bathroom look more enticing. There are some bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms!

1. Subway tile has long graced bathroom, originally often used to decorate subway stations. In addition to decorate the floor, you can use it to coat the walls.

bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms

Many people using the same design, coat bottom half of walls using tiles and combine them with glossy paint to ceiling. While in shower stall, tile mounted to ceiling.

bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms

2. Penny tile is available different versions and colors. Maybe you’ll find a classic look, white, metallic and cork version. This tile also has rich designs and ready to adorn your bathroom.

bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms

You will find penny tile made from different materials, start from aluminum, silver alloy, copper, stainless steel and zinc. The price is very affordable but ready to give a striking change.

3. Glass tile is one of bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms. There are many advantages start from designs and easy to clean. You’ll love it to coat the bathroom.

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